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IAPCON 2018 is pleased to announce a competition to conceptualise a slogan /Poster for its Public Lecture, which will take place on 25th February, 2018

We are dedicated to increasing public awareness about the role of palliative care services. This platform brings together a variety of health care workers, governments, civil society, finance institutions, workers, international agencies, academic institutions and professional associations.

Call for submissions

On Sunday, 25th February, 2018, the IAPCON will host a Public lecture themed “Pain is Preventable: No Need to Die In Pain” , We invite you to participate in a contest to conceptualise a slogan/poster for the Forum which best reflects its theme. The slogan must, therefore, convey in a distinctive manner, the need for a lay person to understand that pain is avertable.  The slogan will become a part of the logo as well as advertisements for the Public lecture, and together they will be an important part of the IAPCON 2018.


Slogans must be written in clear, concise English or Hindi. They must be short, catchy and easy to understand. The aim is to appeal to a wide audience. Our preference for a slogan leans towards:
• Theme-directed -- words embody the theme of the lecture
• Action: conjures graphic imagery in mind of audience
• Ease of recall: thus use of simple words
• Ease in speech: words are sharp, mono- or bi-syllabic
• Point-Counterpoint -- combination of words connote subtle meanings and nuances

Selection: Selection of the top five entries will be made by a committee. The Selection committee will evaluate entries based on relevance to the theme and purpose of the event, the power of the message, creativity, and originality.

The winner will be awarded at the valedictory function.

Only registered delegates or faculty are allowed to participate

Submissions are exclusively online, which should be made in on a word document. Entrants are entitled to submit only one slogan proposal. Kindly submit before 20th January,2018.  The winner will be notified by email prior to an announcement appearing on the website.

By entering the contest, the winner grants the IAPCON-2018 committee exclusive rights to the winning slogan for use in any format during the Forum.

Online submission, How to submit?:

  1. Online Registered Delegates: Please login in to your online registration link, click here to login and submit Slogan & Art Poster by clicking on the link on online registration page.
  2. Offline Registered Delegates: Kindly send an email at conference@alpcord.com if you want to submit Slogan & Art Poster Competition, you will be provided online link for submission.
  3. Non Registered : If you are not registered for the conference yet, click here to register online, after processing the payment you can submit the same.